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Hi guys~! This is kind of a giveaway to celebrate making a new blog and of course, Super Junior M’s comeback ^^

There will be 2 (or 3) winners!

Each winner will receive:
            ♡ 1 x Swing Mini Album w/ photocard.
            ♡ 1 x Super Junior wristband.
            ♡ 1 x Photo of your bias (you must specify who you want).

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4. All winners have 72 hours to reply to my message, or I will be picking a new winner. I will send my message twice, in case Tumblr happens to eat the first one. 
5. You have to be comfortable with telling me your address!
6. I will ship everywhere ^^
7. Please, no giveaway blogs! I’ll be checking!
8. I’ll be using rafflecopter to decide the winner.

Giveaway ends on the 1st of May! Have fun~ ^^


So my thing for Super Junior was way too long to put here, so just click the link if you’d like to see it.


Anonymous asked: How do you think Ryeowook would react to his girlfriend having "short girl problems" (not being able to reach for stuff, etc) kekeke

Is so freaking sorry for vanishing for so long!! Busy, busy, busy lately. School holidays soon~

I see Ryeowook as someone who would find it adorable and perhaps even a little bit funny, that his girlfriend can’t reach certain things because of her height. She would have to be below 165cm, because Ryeowook’s not exactly tall either. He would certainly help out as much as he could and I think he’d be more concerned about you climbing on things and getting hurt. I can see the two of you spending a weekend rearranging your apartment to make sure that nothing is out of reach.

- Raine ☪

Whoops. Let that run for another hour. I’ve been distracted and didn’t even notice xD I only got one more request in ; ~; I guess I should start answering them.

- Raine ☪


Okay, so today is Father’s Day and I won’t be on much, so I’m opening the requests just for today. They will be open all day and I will be closing them at around 7pm AEST. So get those requests in my lovelies~!

- Raine ☪


As a child, Donghae was always warned never to venture round the bend of the river, because no one knew what was lurking beyond. One day, in an act of teenage rebellion, he goes on an adventure.

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Anonymous asked: Shower sex with Heechul?

Heenim’s home~ Heenim’s home~ Heenim’s home~

I don’t think that this would be a rare occurrence for the two of you, as Heechul just loves to surprise you in the most random places. Of course, you wouldn’t be exactly surprised when Heechul slips into the shower behind you and starts kissing your neck softly, working his hands down your body and making you moan. His lithe fingers would find their way down to pleasure you gently - taking it slow and making sure to explore. He’d take you slowly - making sure you’re comfortable and there’d be no rushing or harsh movements, just slow and steady, enjoying the intimacy.

- Raine ☪

Anonymous asked: For Heechul waking up from a nightmare

I’m going to assume you mean when you wake up from a nightmare…

Heechul’s a fairly heavy sleeper, but if you move around enough or make enough noise, he will wake up. At first he’d probably expect the worst - y’know burglar in the house, rapist, etc but once he realises you just had a nightmare, he’d calm down and ask what happened. Despite his sassy diva appearance, Heechul is actually really sweet and caring, so I can see him being sort of worried about you as you’re breathing hard and you look so scared. He’d pull you into his arms and rock you back and forth, stroking your hair and basically comforting you like he would a child. He might try and convince you to tell him what happened but he’d let it go if you didn’t want to tell him.

- Raine ☪

Date; 30th August 2013.
Event; Heechul’s Military Discharge.

Kim Heechul. Heenim, Rella, Chullie. It’s been two long years since you entered the military and finally, you’re coming home. ELF and Petals everywhere have been waiting for this moment since the day your enlistment was announced. When you left, many shed tears at the loss of the mane of hair you were so proud of and many were worried about your health. Now that you’re coming home, we can finally celebrate. We know the battle isn’t over - not until all of our Super Junior boys are done and dusted with the military, but one by one, this is happening and we all know it will be well worth the wait. We have waited 2 years for you, Kim Heechul, and we will love you - forever and always.

사랑해요 김희철.

Anonymous asked: Shower Sex with Leeteuk :3

I’ve already answered this - here.

- Raine ☪


Thankyou everyone~ I’ll be getting to those requests soon ^^

- Raine ☪


I haven’t been answering requests today because I’ve been side-tracked with planning fanfictions and blah blah. Now you have 20 minutes left to get all your requests in! I really do want to see the inbox filled.

- Raine ☪

yehet-me-touch-your-booty asked: I've been on your blog for like the past hour. AND I LOVE IT AND I LIVE THIS BLOG! SARANGAHE!

I know~ Hahaha I was on my phone and being spammed xD All good though! Glad you like it ^^ 사랑해~

- Raine ☪

Since I’ve managed to get most of those lingering requests done, I’m opening the ask box again. I told you all this last night but then forgot to actually open the ask OTL goes to show just how tired I was. But it is actually open now! So go request!

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