To: 김종운.

29 years ago today, you were brought into this world - the first of two sons belonging to your parents. Born in Seoul and raised in Cheonan, you were the little boy who loved to sing to himself while doing chores around the house and in the shower.

You were only 3 when you became a hyung to Jongjin but that loving bond between brothers has only grown stronger over the years and we see that love even today - through selcas and TV mentions. You were only 15 when you joined that singing competition and won gold in Cheonan; look where you are now.

You’ve always said that your mother is one of your biggest supporters and it’s not difficult to believe, especially when you know that it was her that brought you to this life - signing your audition with SM without telling you. It makes me wonder; where would you be if she hadn’t signed those papers?

All those years of training and learning to sing have certainly paid off, because now you’re a part of a group that are considered leaders of the hallyu wave and you have many fans that love and support you. Whether it be their support under your stage name or the real you, they all know you and believe that you’re special.

Yesung, I know that you don’t consider yourself as popular as Donghae or Siwon or even Kyuhyun, but believe me when I say this; You don’t need to be as popular or as talented in a specific area as someone else. As long as you stay true to yourself, stay true to your beliefs and work hard at achieving your dreams - they will come true.

Now that you’ve been enlisted into the military, the only option for ELF and Clouds is to sit and play the waiting game until 2015 - when you come home. I’ve already cried at your absence in SS5 and the Hero MV, but it can’t be helped. Heechul is coming home in a few days, Leeteuk next year and then it will be your turn. Don’t worry;

We will always wait for you.

Stay strong, keep your head held high and take care of yourself.

Saranghae. 사랑해.
Bogoshipda. 보고싶다.
Gwenchana. 괜찮아.